Sunday, January 24, 2016

Book Review: The Crossing by Michael Connelly

The Crossing

Author: Michael Connelly
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Date of Publication: November 13, 2015
Pages: 400

    The Crossing is the twentieth installment in Michael Connelly's always entertaining Harry Bosch series.  Mickey Haller, the "Lincoln Lawyer" of Connelly's other character driven series also is involved.  The story opens with Bosch becoming bored in his state of forced retirement.  Enter half-brother Mickey who entices Harry to "look into" a perplexing case.  Haller is defending a former gang member accused of a brutal rape-murder of a prominent L.A. public servant.  Haller is convinced his client is innocent despite overwhelming evidence and eventually so is Bosch.

     Bosch begins by exploring some inconsistencies in the case and evidence and is slowly drawn into a full blown investigation.  He has difficulty "crossing over" to the defense side and suffers the scorn of his former colleagues for his actions.  He is driven, however, by his compulsive need to know the truth.

     Bosch uncovers a complex sinister plot and cover up involving a plastic surgeon with a gambling problem, fenced stolen goods, prostitution and two rogue cops.  Although the actual main perpetrators are known early on in the story it is intriguing to see how all of the disparate parts of this complex story come together.  

     What sets Michael Connelly's books above the usual police procedurals is the care that he takes to explore the main character's emotions and struggles.  Bosch feels he is betraying his true nature by helping his half-brother on the defense side of things while he also struggles with his age, his change of work status and the impending departure of his only daughter for college.

    The sum of all of these parts adds up to a great story which moves along quickly and entertains.  There are no real major surprises contained in the plot, but the twists and turns will satisfy even the most jaded mystery reader.  I enjoyed it and look forward to installment #21.

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