Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book Review: Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

Lucky Us

Author: Amy Bloom
Publisher: Random House
Date of Publication: July 29, 2014
Pages: 256

     This is a mixed up Rubik's cube of a book.  There are many constantly moving pieces which  fit together but somehow always fail to line up.  It is the literary equivalent of a Robert Altman movie: an ensemble cast in a wide sweeping arc of a story which never has an opportunity to pick up steam.  It is a story of abandonment and love, trust and betrayal, prejudice and hope.  Somehow, though, this mish-mash of a novel works.  It entertains and surprises.  It definitely keeps you guessing as to what in the world will happen next.

     The skeletal framework of the story revolves around two half-sisters and their individual bizarre attempts to cope with life in World War II America.   Strange characters emerge and re-emerge in sometimes startling circumstances.  These characters  include the girls' father, a Hollowood makeup artist, a gaggle of hairdressers and a deported German national. The reader quickly learns that turning the page to a new chapter leads to a totally unexpected turn of events. While keeping the story unpredictable, these twists and turns make for somewhat of a disjointed story.

     All in all, this was an enjoyable and entertaining read, one which explores character more than plot.  I would recommend it to readers who like authors who also write character driven novels such those written by Anne Tyler.   

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