Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

January, 2013

     We had the joy of visiting the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory during our recent anniversary trip.  This has been voted the #1 Attraction in Key West by The People's Choice Awards and TripAdvisor.  It is definitely worthy of this recognition.

      It is located on the southern end of Duval Street near The Southernmost HouseThe Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a welcome refuge from the noise, crowds and overall rowdiness of the rest of
Duval Street.  The Conservatory is the home to hundreds of butterflies of all sizes and colors.  At any given time there are 50 to 60 different varieties of butterflies to see.  There are also turtles, a wide variety of tropical plants and at least 20 different species of exotic birds.

    There is soft and soothing music playing as you stroll unhurried through the Conservatory.  The temperature is kept at about 85 degrees and it is fairly humid as well.  All of this creates an oasis of tranquility and peace in the midst of the wide open craziness of Key West.

    The $12 admission fee (adults) allows you to re-enter the Conservatory multiple times during the same day.  We went early one morning (it opens at 9 AM) and then went back later in the afternoon.  There is different activity levels amongst the different butterflies at different times of the day, so it was definitely worth the second trip.

     City View Trolley Tours has a stop directly in front of The Conservatory and is a great way to get to this attraction.  We would definitely recommend The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory to anyone visiting Key West!

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