Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Love the Outer Banks - Part 3

We Love the Outer Banks – Part 3

     Well, we’re  home in Lynchburg and, to be quite honest, not that happy about it.  We had a wonderful relaxing week on the Outer Banks, exploring the Northern Beaches for the first time.  We had a grand time going back to Corolla with my wife’s sister and brother-in-law, visiting the Currituck Light House and driving nearly to Carova on the beach.  The highlight of that outing was actually seeing a number of the wild horses “up close and personal” without having to take one of the guided horse tours. 


      On Friday we drove to Collington Harbor to our favorite OBX fish market “Billy’s Seafood.”  The fish is always incredibly fresh and reasonably priced.  We picked up tuna, flounder and salmon for a feast which turned out to be an early, surprise birthday dinner for yours truly.  We had fun playing cornhole, had a fantastic meal and watched “We Bought A Zoo” which was a delightful movie.  We saw all of the kids off on Saturday afternoon, had one last dinner at the “Sunset Grill and Raw Bar” (See Part 1) then started packing the car for the dreaded ride home. 

     The Outer Banks is a very special place.  These narrow barrier islands are unique in their own right, but also have been an interesting and vital part of our family for nearly 35 years now.  The thought of living there in retirement is exciting, but then again, would some of the special-ness go away if we were there all of the time?  Stay tuned for the answer to that one which will hopefully evolve in the not too distant future.

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