Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alluvial fans, Shear Faults and a Smothered Burrito "Christmas Style"

  Today we learned some geology.  We went back to the Garden of the Gods and watched a movie in the Visitor's Center.  We then walked the inner garden and marveled at the rock formations.  We were also amazed at the rock climbers scaling the shear faces of the formations.
  We then drove down I-25, stopping for lunch in Pueblo, Colorado.
  One disappointing thing about Colorado is that their idea of Mexican or even New Mexican food is Taco Bell.  We found one restaurant which advertised "The state's best green chile burrito" but it was closed.
   We have finally arrived in New Mexico and settled in to the historic St. Jame's hotel.  Jesse James and Wyatt Earp stayed here.  Now Ellen and Tom Carrico have stayed here.
   We went down to the restaurant and there it was: a "Smothered Burrito".  "Smothered in what?"  I asked the waitress.  She replied "Green Chile or Red Chile.  Or you can have it Christmas style."  It had been a long day so I stupidly asked "What's Christmas style?"  To which she replied " Both".  So, I ordered it (Christmas Style, of course) and almost ate the whole thing.  It was wonderful.  It approached the perfect burrito.  We will keep searching......
Oh, and it went very well with Dead Man Ale.

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